Attract attention. Be different. Keep moving. With the xCover Project we inspire people all over the world to feel free and alive. We want to change people’s perspectives, encouraging them to broaden their horizons and perceive places in an entirely different way.

about xcover

As professional freerunners, we explore places all over the world. The areas we discover are located outside of well-known and touristic terrains, far off the charted paths and beaten tracks.


As we discover these new environments, our bodies are moving through them in dynamic and aesthetic ways, overcoming obstacles in a playful manner and interacting with the urban element in a completely new and exciting fashion in order to explore new paths for people to follow.

Many travel videos present local touristic sightseeing spots in the same old way. We want to break with this tradition and present a different style and perspective. Since we leave the charted path during our travels and discover every new location with an open mind, the xCover Project can take place anywhere.





The word xCover is composed of the words "explore" and "discover". The "x" stands for the yet undiscovered and unknown, like new places, cities or landscapes which are bound to leave a lasting impression on every traveler with their unique experiences, encounters and impressions.

Even for successful international brands and companies, the creation of organic, engaging and inspirational content is a constant challenge. 


The xCover Project could become your "High End Brand Ambassador" for all your communication channels.


The xCover Project offers a wide range of services and can be tailored to your specific desires. The goal, however, is always the same: to inspire people to "discover differently". Below we will present various fictitious examples on what a potential cooperation could look like.

"diverse, flexible and unique."





Our team consists of several internationally renowned Freerunning athletes with an average training experience of ten years. Each member lives for this sport 24/7 and sets the rhythm of their life to it. Every member has appeared in movies, video productions, TV spots, live performances or is active in influencer marketing.   


The regularly produced multimedia content is exciting and breathtaking thanks to the incredible Freerunning scenes, thrillingfans on social media all around the world. Hundreds of thousands of clicks and almost a million followers speak for themselves.

"turning the world upside down."

It takes years of experience, skill and lots of empathy to perfectly capture the spectacular jumps of our top athletes in different environments. With the professional filmmakers at the Swiss digital agency VENTURESOME, we have found a congenial partner to help us make our vision become reality.

Not only do they share our passion for Freerunning, but also our love for action-laden tracking shots, unusual perspectives and state of the art filming techniques that never fail to fascinate the viewer. We complement each other perfectly, which makes us a true dream team.

"peak performance, perfectly showcased."




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